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A program for developing and routing hydrographs through ponds and conduits.

HSCP (Hydrologic Storage and Conveyance Program)

HSCP (Hydrologic Storage and Conveyance Program) is a software program for Stormwater Modeling and Pond Design

The Ideal Alternative to ICPR and SWMM

Features and Capabilities:

 Windows XP, 2000 and 98 format featuring Windows Input.

 Output to Screen and/or to Printer.

 Data file capability for quick and easy work sessions.

 User editable Total Rainfalls.

 Various Hydrograph methods including: SCS Unit Hydrograph Method, Santa Barbara Unit Hydrograph, and Modified Rational Method .

 Calculates/Analyzes any number of ponds and conveyance systems and any number of runs. Dependent only on computer memory.

 User Friendly - Just point and click - drop down menus and convenient toolbar.

 Various control structures including risers.

 Plotted hydrographs

 Route hydrographs through ponds, channels, and/or pipes.

   Variable Time increments.

   No Memory Constraints Means:

 Time increments can be as small as desired.

 Unlimited number of nodes and reaches.

    (NOTE: Depends on computer capability.)

 Variable Tailwater considered.

 Calculates Storage.

 Can calculate through user input frequencies and durations.

 St. Vennant (ICPR and SWMM) Routing System Used.

 Includes versatile range of control structures including:

    1. Rectangular weir.

    2. Circular orifice.

    3. Rectangular orifice.

    4. Circular, rectangular and oval Culverts.

    5. Riser with pipe.

    6. Channels (Rectangular, Trapezoidal, and natural shapes).

7. Pumps.

 Versatile Printout Capability to any size paper - Portrait or

     Landscape Orientation..

    Versatile range of printers supported.

 English Units. (Metric Units will be added later.)

 And More!.

Download HSCP DemoClick Here to Download HSCP Demo.

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