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Easily select your FDOT rainfall zone and obtain quick summary report of analysis.

Product Details for ModRatv4



Features and Capabilities:

ˇ Windows 98 and 2000 format featuring Windows Input.

ˇ Output to Screen and/or to Printer in Tabulated Format.

ˇ Data file capability for quick and easy work sessions.

ˇ User editable Total Rainfalls.

ˇ User input Calculation Time increments .

ˇ Calculates through 24-hour or through 10-day durations for Florida (Critical Duration Analysis).

ˇ User Friendly - Just point and click - drop down menus and convenient toolbar.

ˇ Other capabilities featured by ModRatc Dos Version included

       Tabulated Peaks for each event through the

       10-day duration!

 Calculates through 24-hour duration or 10-day

      duration at User's Option.

 User supplied time increment for each

     duration - Size depends on computer capability.

 Calculates Storage and percolation rate.

  Storage units may be in either acre-feet or cubic


 FDOT Approved!!!

 Calculates 2-year through 100-year frequencies.

 Storage-Indication Pond Routing Method used.

 Includes versatile range of control structures


      1. Rectangular weir.

      2. Circular orifice.

      3. Rectangular orifice.

      4. Circular Culvert.

     A Rectangular Overflow Structure can also be


 Versatile Printout Capability to any size

        paper - Portrait or Landscape Orientation.

      Versatile range of printers supported.

 English Units

       And More!


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Text Box: Input and Edit storage and control structure data.